Carlos Gabaldon

Software Leader in Portland, Oregon

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Senior leader & developer with over 15 years of experience building quality products that provide value.

I bring to projects:

15+ years of development experience

10+ years of software development leadership experience

10+ years of agile leadership and coaching experience

10+ years of technical and people leadership

10+ years of Ruby and Ruby on Rails experience

Natural leadership and communication skills

Fun collaborative team player who enjoys working with smart people to build great things

Focus on removing waste and making clear repeatable processes

Focus on including documentation and development recipes into the software development cycle

Software Development Values:

Small empowered teams

Minimal, simple, repeatable process

Automation for less simple process

Recipes for everything

MVP everything first

Small frequent commits

Behavior Driven Development

No more than 80% test coverage

Master >> branch >> dev >> PR >> merge >> master >> deploy cycle

Low coupled modular design

Culture of collaboration

Documentation over emails

Chat based communication over meetings

Video calls over long chat threads

Value add work

Working smarter not harder (or longer)

Shorter work days to enjoy family and life

Life pursuits:


Backpacking and camping

Trail running


Mountain biking

Adventure road trips

Great coffee, wine, beer, and whiskey

Getting lost in the mountains

Building cool things with great code

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